Distributor Resmi Elicina Snail Cream di Indonesia


Our most highly qualified personnel is in charge of maintenance of our production snails which are kept in top feeding and hygienic conditions. We do not use any type of chemicals because we firmly believe snail maintenance to be done in a healthy and natural environment.

Only through a secretly kept process, which doesn’t harm the snails at all, the extract is obtained exclusively by family members.

The obtained extract is sent to Lacofar pharmaceutical and cosmetic laboratory Ltd. Chile, who then are responsible for performing microbiological and bacteriological analysis certifying that the extract is free of any contaminating agent that could affect the cream that’s about to be produced.

Once the analysis are concluded Lacofar Ltd. proceeds to mix 80% extract with 20% excipients thus obtaining a final product which is also subdued to final stability tests.

Finally elicina is jarred, packed and ready to be distributed to its’ different sale points, both in the country as well as abroad.

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