Distributor Resmi Elicina Snail Cream di Indonesia

To our distinguished customers

In 1995, we launched Elicina to the market for the first time. We were very excited in making our dream come true by offering the world a product in which we strongly believe in and that on many occasions would change a persons life as we began to see it through their testimonies.

Elicina has and always will be the first snail cream, “the original” as we’ve come to label it on all our products. It wasn’t a mere copy of something already existent; it was a finding, an invention. The above stated is confirmed by our patent of invention given to us in 1993

Many of you have heard of thousands of products with snail secretion as their main ingredient roaming the world, each one promising just a little more than their competition. You also may have heard the story behind their discovery, “In Chile, farmers who manipulated snails noticed a special softness in their hands and cuts and wounds healed very quickly…” Truth being said, those were no farmers, it was us and our family business trying to take it’s first steps.

Many companies are imitated daily throughout the globe. What were absolutely certain is that only the better products are worth the effort in copying. Even though their results can’t outmatch the original, there’s always an interesting market out there of customers who go for the price or the nicer jar. To each his own, our belief is that there’s customers who really care about what they buy and we’re very proud to say that that type of customer stays with our product.

In the end, it is you whom we dedicate our daily efforts in manufacturing our Elicina products with the highest quality standards. Having a web site which is an “open book” of what we do, of what our products have to offer, of our history and that of our customers.

We’ve come a long way, 17 years seeing both sides of the coin, some of them worth forgetting but most of them very satisfying, enough to keep us growing and delivering to all an unparalleled product.

Thanks for your support, we’ll keep working hard to give you only the very best.

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